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19 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You’re An Introvert


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Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

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Next 5 Years.

I found this link on buzzfeed and it was so aspiring!!  Here is the direct link but I am also putting it below.


if you start doing these things TODAY, you will benefit from them five years in the future.

  1. "Laugh for 5 minutes every morning"
  2. “Write 20 ideas on anything every day. Keep digging and you might find gold. When you find gold, make sure you take action.”
  3. “Read a book a week. When you get ridiculously wealthy, read a book a day. Read fiction too.”
  4. “Poker: You need to keep training your mind to stay sharp. I play one hour a day online to keep me thinking and to keep me focused.”
  5. “Write and keep journals. My life last year was quite rough and writing journals helped a lot. Sometimes, it helps you to realize something just by writing it. It also helps you keep track of your life.”
  6.  “Pick your friends carefully and wash your hands of the rest.”
  7. “Watch documentaries over movies.”
  8. “Remember, flossing is even more important than brushing!”
  9. “Save your change in a jar for five years.”
  10. “Learn and master a foreign language.”
  11. “Focus on your health the way you focus on love or your career. Give up junk food, smoking, and other unhealthy habits.”
  12. “Take a course on statistics and how they’re misused, specifically how faulty causal arguments are made. It will change the way you approach almost any discussion, quantitative or not.”
  13. “Give up fear, as it is a trait of the cowards.”
  14. “Learn how to code: Looking at the way the world is changing today, coding, to me, is just as important as writing and typing. If you know how to code, basics if not all, you have a slight edge at everything related to life that includes computers.”
  15. “Start saving 15% of everything you make and invest it in stocks and/or real estate. In five years you will be surprised at how much you have saved.”
  16. “Unplug and avoid all work, TV, and computer use at least one day a week.”
  17. “Write yourself a letter to be opened in five years. Be sure to include lots of questions.”
  18. “FALL IN LOVE. Recklessly, selflessly, unconditionally.”
  19. “Go to a new place every day (even if it is a toilet in a different department/floor).”
  20. “Try to be silent for one minute. Note mentally what thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc., come up during this exercise. When that minute is over, write down everything. You will be surprised (or not) at what you find.”

(Source: kushandwizdom)